Seasonal Occurrence of Tick-Borne Haemoparasite of Catlle in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State, Nigeria

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Atsuwe T. S., Amuta E. U., Imandeh G. N. and Azua E. T.

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Published: 22 February 2021 | Article Type :


A study on seasonal occurrence of tick-borne haemoparasite of cattle in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue state was carried out, A total of 432 cattle comprising of 216 of cattle slaughtered at abattoir at Wurukum, Wadata, Modern market and Cattle Market in both dry and wet season were examined. Age of cattle was determined by examination of the teeth of the cattle based on the time of eruption and the amount of wearing of the teeth. Blood sample were collected at designated areas for the period of six (6) months (December 2018 to February 2019 and May to July 2019) respectively to cover both the dry and wet season. A thin blood film technique was used to detect tick borne haemoparasites. Data obtained were analyzed using t-test and P values less than 0.05 (p ≤ 0.05) were considered significantly different. The result of prevalence of cattle infected with tick-borne haemoparasite based on location revealed that Wurukum Abattoir (22(61.11%)) and Wadata Abattoir (22(61.11%)) recorded the highest prevalence of infection followed by UAM farm (19(52.70%)) and lowest prevalence (14(38.8%)) of infection was recorded in Cattle Market Abattoir while Modern Market abattoir and Cattle Market recorded a moderate percentage of prevalence range of 18(50%) and 15(41.66%) respectively in dry season. And during wet season, the highest prevalence was observed in UAM farm 28(77.77%) while the lowest (14(38.88 %)) infection prevalence was recorded in Wurukum Abattoir. Although the highest prevalence of thick borne haemoparasite in cattle was recorded in Wet season, but the difference was not statistically significant (p ˂ 0.05) when compared with the dry season. Results of Seasonal occurrence of tick-borne haemoparasite revealed the present of Bebesia, Anaplasma spp and Theileria sp, with Anaplasma spp recorded the highest (103(80.47 %)) occurrence in wet season and concurrently recorded highest in dry season though the difference was not statistically significant (p ˂ 0.05). The least occurrence species of tick borne haemoparasite was Theileria sp and this was recorded across the two seasons. Thus, this seriously indicate the presence of tick vectors and their continuous transmission of tick-borne haemoparasites. There should be a periodic quarantine of animals, good animal husbandry and monitoring of various abattoirs against unqualified veterinary practitioners to minimize the prevalence of the infection.

Keywords: Tick-borne; Haemoparasite; Bebesia; Anaplasma spp ; Theileria sp; Makurdi.

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Atsuwe T. S., Amuta E. U., Imandeh G. N. and Azua E. T.. (2021-02-22). "Seasonal Occurrence of Tick-Borne Haemoparasite of Catlle in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State, Nigeria." *Volume 5*, 1, 10-16