Archives of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Archives of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

ISSN: 2638-5201 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2638-5201
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Volume 2, Issue 1

Quantifying Post-Accident Neurological Symptoms Other than Concussion

Zack Zdenek Cernovsky, Paul Victor Fayez Istasy, Maria Elena Hernandez-Aguilar, Alejandro Mateos-Moreno, Yves Bureau, Simon Chiu

Knowledge of Cannabinoids among Patients, Physicians, and Pharmacists

Rana Elias, Maria Raheb, Marco Istasy, David Mekhaiel, Gurpreet Sidhu, Deborah Warren, Zack Cernovsky, Gamal Sadek

Pilot Study of Patients Who Attempt to Stop Opiate Substitutes with Cannabidiol/Tetrahydrocanabinol

Gurpreet Sidhu, Rana Elias, Deborah Warren, Maria Raheb, David Mekhaiel, Zack Cernovsky, Gamal Sadek, Yves Bureau, Simon Chiu