Archives of Dermatology and Skin Care

Archives of Dermatology and Skin Care

ISSN: 2638-4914 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2638-4914
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Volume 2, Issue 2

A Case of Metastatic Melanoma

Dr. Salvador Labrador, Dr. Nerea Cortina-Garmendia, Dr. Nicanor Valle-Garcia

A Case of Giant Folliculitis Fibrosis Nuchae Complicated by a Botriomycoma Successfully Treated by Surgery in Benin

Fabrice Akpadjan, Christiane Koudoukpo, Hugues Adegbidi, Berenice Degboe, Nadege Agbessi, Felix Atadokpede.

Microneedling and Oral Replacement of Collagen as Strategies for Skin Rejuvenation

Erika Santos Freire, Maria Cristina Vieira de Andrade, Monica de Albuquerque Costa, Hudson Caetano Polonini, Marcio Roberto, Nadia Rezende Barbosa Raposo