Harnessing Jukun Cultural Heritage for Tourism Development

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Orga D.Y, Adahos H.N

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Published: 25 October 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


Nigeria is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa with over 250 major and minor ethnic groups. Among these 250 major and minor ethnic groups is the Jukun in Taraba State mostly living in Wukari, Takum and Ibi. The objectives of the study are to identify the Jukun cultural heritage and assess the level of development of these cultural heritages. The study population consisted of One Hundred and Twenty-Five (125) respondents/ residents of Wukari, Takum and Ibi who are 25 years old or above and twenty (20) Jukun traditional members were selected for Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). A total of One Hundred and Twenty-five (125) copies of questionnaire were randomly administered to respondents/ Jukun residents in Wukari, Takum and Ibi. In all, a total of One hundred and twenty-two (122) questionnaires were retrieved, which response rate is 97%. The Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) involved twenty (20) Jukun traditional members with an interest in the cultural heritage. In all, ten (10) FGDs were held in four (4) different locations, Wukari, Takum and Ibi. The data analyzed using descriptive statistics shows that Jukun are richly endowed with cultural heritage which open a wide avenue for recreation and tourism activities. These cultural heritage are games: Anga, Langa, Vinvin, Adzwe; music, songs and dance: Akishe, Ajo Kweku (Goge, Ajo Kovo); masquerades and festivals: Aku Wa-Shon, Atukun, Puje. The Jukun games, music, songs, dance, masquerades and festival are developed as stated by respondents. This implies that these cultural heritages have the potentials to contribute to tourism development in the study areas. However, appropriate steps need to be taken to harness the Jukun games, music, songs, dance, masquerades and festivals. These appropriate steps suggested are creation of awareness of Jukun cultural heritage, mobilization of fund for promotion of Jukun cultural heritage, involvement of private investment in Jukun cultural heritage, and making of calendar of Jukun cultural heritage events.

Keywords: Jukun, Heritage, Contribution, Tourism, Development.

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Orga D.Y, Adahos H.N. (2023-10-25). "Harnessing Jukun Cultural Heritage for Tourism Development." *Volume 3*, 1, 20-26