An Exploration Study of High and Low Visitation Food Truck Consumers

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Tammie Kaufman, Denver Severt

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Published: 29 March 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


The food truck industry has grown rapidly in recent years and there has not little any research investigating the food truck consumer. Specifically, this research split the sample to report differences between consumers with high visitation and consumers with low visitation. This research found that there were two distinct statistically significant differences between those that the groups. The group that visited less is drawn to the experience, wanted to be part of the community, and to expanding on the type of food they usually enjoy. The high visitation group reported being drawn to food trucks because of colleagues, friends and family. Additionally, the second group members are “foodies” seeking gourmet food at a reasonable price. Finally, by segmenting their consumer base, food truck owners can enhance the experience of more visitors in a specific manner.

Keywords: Food Trucks, Loyalty, Experience, Small Business, Guests


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Tammie Kaufman, Denver Severt. (2023-03-29). "An Exploration Study of High and Low Visitation Food Truck Consumers." *Volume 3*, 1, 1-6