Rural-Urban Dependency as a Bane of Rural Development in Nigeria

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Tochukwu S. Ezeudu

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Published: 13 June 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


This study examined rural-urban dependency in Nigeria by analyzing socio-economic characteristics, and perceptions of dependency among rural and urban communities in six states. A mixed-methods approach was employed, with stratified random sampling used to select participants from rural and urban communities. The findings revealed that rural-urban migration in Nigeria is driven by economic factors and that there is a high level of interdependence between rural and urban communities. The study highlights the complex dynamics of rural-urban dependency and the need for a comprehensive approach to address these challenges. The implications of the findings include the need for targeted rural development programs, improved access to basic amenities in rural areas, incorporation of rural-urban linkages in urban planning, and policies promoting rural integration into the national economy. Recommendations include increased government investment in rural development, provision of incentives for private sector investment in rural areas, improvement of education quality in rural areas, and continued research and monitoring of rural-urban migration patterns. Implementation of these recommendations can promote sustainable development in both rural and urban areas.

Keywords: Rural-urban dependency, Rural development, Socio-economic characteristics, Nigeria, Interdependence.

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Tochukwu S. Ezeudu. (2023-06-13). "Rural-Urban Dependency as a Bane of Rural Development in Nigeria." *Volume 5*, 1, 11-17