Thalassocracy in the Bronze Age and Its Relationship to Sustainability

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Andreas N. Angelakis, Michael Taroudakis, George Tchobanoglous

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Published: 17 January 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


The Greek world has a long tradition in shipping and maritime trade, dating back to the first appearances of the Minoan civilization in Bronze Age. This tradition secured for the ancient Greek world dominance over a large area around the Mediterranean Sea throughout the Bronze Age. The evidence of this supremacy, based on the findings of archaeologists and historians, supports the statement that the term “thalassocracy,” a Greek term meaning sea power, was coined by the Greeks to describe this regime. In time, other powers also demonstrated their ability to control the sea lanes, until today. The focus of this paper is a brief review of the evolution of Bronze Age thalassocracy and the important relationship between thalassocracy and sustainability during that period for the Mediterranean world.

Keywords: Bronze Age, Prehistoric Times, History, Sustainability, Water Purification, Desalination, Navigation, Sea Power.

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Andreas N. Angelakis, Michael Taroudakis, George Tchobanoglous. (2024-01-17). "Thalassocracy in the Bronze Age and Its Relationship to Sustainability." *Volume 6*, 1, 1-12