Patterns of Multi Linear Evolution in Pottery Production

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Yu.B. Tsetlin

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Published: 10 July 2020 | Article Type :


The article deals with main patterns of evolution of different sides of pottery production which is regarded as specially organized functioning system having concrete inner structure and certain connections with the outer world. The systemic nature of pottery is determined by the systemic character of any human goal-directed activity which is expressed in cultural traditions passed down to succeeding generations. The author regards modern data on the development of vessel shapes, their decoration, main plastic raw material, pottery paste, techniques of vessel construction, potter’s wheel functions, ways of pottery firing and devices for firing. The development of these sides of pottery can be seen on three qualitatively different levels: macroevolution, mesoevolution, and microevolution.

Keywords: evolution, shape, decoration, technology, potter’s wheel, firing devices.

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Yu.B. Tsetlin. (2020-07-10). "Patterns of Multi Linear Evolution in Pottery Production." *Volume 3*, 2, 1-14

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