Two New Snuff Trays Found in the Humahuaca Region, Argentina

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Alicia A. Fernández Distel

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Published: 20 December 2019 | Article Type :


In the province of Jujuy, NW of Argentina, 50 ‘snuff trays’ in relation with the ancient consumption of psychoctive compounds —mainly obtained through unsystematic surveys— have been recorded.

The most important archeological sites inspected have been: Cusi Cusi, Casabindo, Doncellas, Rinconada, Santa Catalina, Pucara de Tilcara, Juella, and Cienaga Grande.

In this article we describe two snuff trays, hitherto unknown, included in the Torres Aparicio’s private collection in Humahuaca. They were apparently obtained from the archaeological site Peñas Blancas, together with a lot of significant elements also made of wood. One of the trays has little men figures carved in its handle. In the other, the handle presents a hollow central figure that can be associated to a bird (may be a condor).

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Alicia A. Fernández Distel. (2019-12-20). "Two New Snuff Trays Found in the Humahuaca Region, Argentina." *Volume 2*, 2, 28-33

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