‘Life - Changing Bubbles’ – How Carbonated Water Can Relieve Swallowing Problems for Many Dysphagia Sufferers Worldwide

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John Mirams

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Published: 6 April 2023 | Article Type : Short Communication


Today, there are said to be some 590 million people of all ages around the world, who are suffering from a range of swallowing problems – probably about 4 million in the UK, either living at home or as residents in some 20,000 Care Homes, with perhaps another 25,000 as patients in hospital every day.

Professor David Smithard, of the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, has been leading a national campaign for some years to raise the general awareness of Dysphagia and to improve the treatment of patients with varying conditions.

He and his team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital have now completed a detailed Review of the use of carbonated water (CW) in the treatment of Dysphagia, which has just been published and can be accessed here:


The Review concludes that further evidence-based research is essential before CW can be adopted as standard in clinical practice – but that although the amount of evidence is small, there is a suggestion that swallows are safer and that secretion management improves, and consequently, until further studies are undertaken, Carbonated Water should be limited to individual patient use.

My experience as a Dysphagia sufferer is that the use of CW has resulted in life-changing benefits, and this paper is devoted to describing how CW worked for me, and what the practical requirements are, so that many others may be able to benefit as I have done.

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