Depression in Osteoarthritis and Melatonin or Light Therapy

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Ray Marks

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Published: 26 July 2021 | Article Type :


Osteoarthritis, a chronic condition resulting in considerable disability, particularly in later life, not only impacts life quality significantly and severely, but is also strongly associated with the health conditions most often found in older adults. This review aimed to examine whether melatonin or light based therapies applied to aging adults with osteoarthritis who suffer depression, is likely to be efficacious, in general, and especially among those who cannot exercise readily. A second aim was to provide directives for professionals serving or likely to serve this population at this time in this regards. To this end, the author attempted to include a broad overview of all relevant articles published between January 1, 2016 and July 10, 2021 on these topics, rather than any systematic review. Collectively, these data reveal that while more research may be helpful, the presence of feelings of depression if present should be factored into treatment options as its presence can significantly heighten the adverse physical, social, economic, and psychological consequences of the disease. In particular, melatonin and bright light therapies may be helpful in moderating the onset and/or progression of severe depression and its detrimental effect on features of the osteoarthritis disease process, such as pain, inflammation, and the inability to function physically.

Keywords: aging, depression; disability, intervention, light therapy; melatonin; osteoarthritis, pain.

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