Segmentation Analysis of Impact on Glucoses via Diet, Exercise, and Weather Temperature during COVID-19 Quarantine Period (No. 312)

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Gerald C. Hsu

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Published: 13 October 2020 | Article Type :


In this paper, the author described his special segmentation analysis of impact on his glucoses via diet, exercise, and weather temperature during the COVID-19 quarantine period of 209 days, from 1/19/2020 through 8/14/2020. He segmented his carbs/sugar amount, post-meal walking step, and ambient weather temperature intolow range and high range. Then, he calculated theassociated glucose values for each range.

In the quarantine period, his finger PPG is approximately 109 mg/dL and his sensor PPG is around 119 mg/dL. His average carbs/sugar intake amount is 12.2 grams (exceptionally low) and his post-meal walking is 4,305 steps (sufficiently high). The ending measured glucoses contributed by his two ranges of diet and exercise (low ranges and high ranges) are sufficient and matched with his previous findings. As expected, the weather temperature provides no significant variances on glucoses due to the mild weather pattern and its low contribution of ~5%to glucoses.

In this investigation, the majority of his glucose readings are normal, which are below 120 mg/dL. This is due to his diabetes control that reached its best performance period over the past 25 years of having diabetes. The relationship between inputs, diet and exercise, and outputs, finger PPG and sensor PPG are not fundamentally different from his previous findings; however, the deviations between the low range and high range of diet and exercise during this period are relatively small. The usage of the segmentation modeling and analysis has its own merit and can definitely be beneficial for data analyses from his other periods or from other T2D patients.

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