Surgical Abdominal Emergencies in Patients with HIV Infection: Epidemiological and Therapeutic Aspects in Hospital Prefecture of Siguiri

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Camara Alpha Kabinet, Camara Soriba Naby, et al.

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Published: 13 August 2020 | Article Type :


Important public health problem in terms of morbidity and mortality. The aim of this work is to determine the frequency, clinical and therapeutic aspects of abdominal emergencies associated with HIV at the prefecture hospital of Siguiri.

Methodology: We had carried out a 6-month descriptive prospective study from July 1 to December 31, 2018.

All patients admitted and operated on for abdominal emergencies associated with HIV were included in the study.

The other patients were excluded from the study.

The study variables were epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic.

Results: For a period of 6 months, 88 patients were admitted for surgical abdominal emergencies, among them 22(or 25%)were investigated for abdominal emergencies associated with HIV, at the prefecture hospital of Siguiri. The study focused on 14(63.64) women and 8 (36.36)MenInthis group 11 women were married, 6 single, 4 widows, and 1 woman divorced. Depending on the type,According to the levels of education, 10 patients had no level either, 45.45%, meanwhile, 7 patients or 32.82% had secondary level, while 5 patients were 22.73% possessed the higher level. HIV 1 was the most represented with 77.27%, followed by HIV 2 with 22.72%..We had performed appendectomy in 17 patients, peritonitis by gastric perforation in 5 patients, peritonitis by ileal perforation in 2 patients, Hernioraphia in 3 patients, debridement in 2 patients. The postoperative operations were simple in 10 patients and complicated with parietal suppuration in 8 patients, and stercoral fistulas in 1 patient. Unfortunately, we had recorded 3 cases of death.

Conclusion: Surgical abdominal emergencies in HIV-infected patients occupy an important place in surgical pathologies because of their frequency. The etiologies are diverse and remain dominated by appendicitis.

Keywords: Abdominal emergencies, HIV, Siguiri Hospital.

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