Relationship Between Frontal Plane Gait Parameters and Balance Tests in Older Adults

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Ryo Miyachi, Teppei Abiko, Hideki Nakano, Kayoko Shiraiwa, Akio Goda, Junya Miyazaki, Shin Murata

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Published: 4 January 2021 | Article Type :


The gait parameters of the older adults are closely related to balance function. However, there have been no studies in which the relationship between gait parameters and frequently used balance tests, such as CoP excursion and Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test, were investigated with a focus on the frontal plane. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to elucidate the relationship between frontal-plane gait parameters and balance tests in older adults. Eighteen older adults who attended health classes participated in the study. Step length, step width, and foot angle were measured at a normal walking speed and maximum walking speed, using a sheet-like force plate. To assess postural balance, we measured center of pressure excursion and administered a Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test. As a result, no correlation between step width/foot angle and age or postural balance was observed. Moreover, step width and foot angle did not change at different walking speeds. In conclusion, step width and foot angle are not affected by postural balance in healthy older adults. Rather, step width and foot angle may be determined by gait efficiency and structural factors.

Keywords: balance test, frontal-plane, gait parameter, older adults.

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