Menstrual Cycle and its Importance

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P D Gupta

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Published: 4 January 2021 | Article Type :


The period of menstrual cycle lies in between menarche to menopause in woman’s life. This is the golden period; during this period a woman can produce babies naturally. Because of this, during this period sex steroids play a major role in regulating physiological processes in females. Recent researches have shown the brain functioning during this time is at the peak. Further, pregnancy, during this period teaches the woman skills concerning child care. Because of steroid hormone actions ophthalmic adjustments also takes place. Pregnancy blood has become major source in cell therapies for mesenchymal cell disorders.

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P D Gupta. (2021-01-04). "Menstrual Cycle and its Importance." *Volume 3*, 2, 51-54

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