Mobile Commerce Adoption in Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework

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Moussa Barry, AKM Ahasanul Haque, Muhammad Tahir Jan

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Published: 27 February 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


The high acceptance of mobile commerce transactions among Malaysian consumers has become a major obstacle for mobile commerce providers. This study examines the adoption of mobile commerce in Malaysia, focusing on the influence of information quality, system quality, and service quality on customers’ intention to use it. It highlights literature on the relationship between intention and mobile commerce acceptance and the moderating effect of perceived cost. The DeLone and McLean updated IS Success Model is the basis of the proposed research model. The study suggests that mobile commerce providers should create user-friendly websites, provide comprehensive information, and deliver high-quality services to boost consumer acceptance. It is also proposed that perceived cost is moderating the acceptance of mobile commerce. This research contributes to the understanding of mobile commerce adoption and provides insights for mobile commerce providers. Further research is recommended due to its conceptual nature and the need for empirical investigation.

Keywords: Mobile Commerce, Acceptance, Intention, Cost, Malaysia.

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Moussa Barry, AKM Ahasanul Haque, Muhammad Tahir Jan. (2024-02-27). "Mobile Commerce Adoption in Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework." *Volume 5*, 1, 4-12