A New Operational Management Approach

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Fernando Acabado Romana, Carlos Guillen Gestoso, Silvia Gonzalez Fernandez

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Published: 6 December 2023 | Article Type : Research Article


In face of the phenomenon of reindustrialization in Europe, developing a case study as a Company can react to the process adopting a new management model, as the factory was almost disactivated during several years, so the final idea is to demonstrate that is a new reindustrialization movement, but not performing on the same way as in the past.
The European Foundation for Quality model (EFQM) and then apply the improvement and management actions in each one of its aspects in order to promote and evaluate the permanent and continuous improvement, for this proposal we use the change and organizational development method. Leadership style, in this process of transformation and in the case in particular through changes in the shareholder body, the change of generation and especially by the inclusion of the professional management team, in consequence of the key performance indicators improvement, including the EFQM score as a all.
The implementation of a management model will lead management to a leadership style conducive to value creation and results in terms of quality, human and financial capital based on effective organizational performance. Phased implementation, with the creation and development of pilot areas, is particularly beneficial to the organization’s culture.

Keywords: Organizational Change, Organizational Culture, Leadership; LEAN Management, Application Model.

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