Implication of Transport Development Models on Agricultural Development in Nigeria: An Empirical Review

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Adeniran, Adetayo Olaniyi & Oladun, Emmanuel Adesola.

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Published: 3 June 2020 | Article Type :


Among the highlights of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the main focus is the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger in the world. This cannot be achieved without placing a high priority on agricultural development which is catalyzed by rural transport development. Nigeria has a huge prospective for agriculture and agribusiness as the sector produces about half of the GDP. Nevertheless, the perspective of agriculture may not have been fully tapped in Nigeria. Nigeria can feed itself should in case proper agricultural inputs and drives such as rural road transport are put in place. This study aimed at stressing the implication of transport development models on agricultural development with an emphasis on rural transport. Poverty and hunger are critical issues that needed urgent attention. This can easily be identified due to the sorry state of rural transportation networks, low agricultural productivity, and increasing the price of agricultural products. The poor condition of the transport network results in reduced low agricultural outputs and increasing the price of agricultural outputs. With the increasing population growth and the level of urbanization, there is a need to activate giant indices that will catalyze agricultural outputs. Among the relevant models that support the significance of transport development on agricultural transformation are spatial interaction model, the theory of regionalization, and transport phase theory. It is therefore concluded that the revitalization of rural transportation is vital to enhance agricultural output.

Keywords: Transport; Development; Transport Model; Agriculture; Agricultural Inputs; Agricultural Outputs

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Adeniran, Adetayo Olaniyi & Oladun, Emmanuel Adesola.. (2020-06-03). "Implication of Transport Development Models on Agricultural Development in Nigeria: An Empirical Review." *Volume 3*, 2, 28-41