Iran Energy Diplomacy and the International Political Economy System

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Abdolreza Alishahi, Hamid Soleimani Souchelmaei

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Published: 13 May 2020 | Article Type :


Energy diplomacy can be considered as part of the macro-energy policy of Iran in different periods. This will provide the necessary resources to maintain and increase Iran's share in the global economic market. Energy as a geopolitical variable has opened a special place to power relations in the contemporary global system and access to energy resources for all levels of global hierarchy of power has become strategic. Hence, each of the actors in the global system is seeking a meaningful definition of the position of their energy diplomacy in the world. In the meantime, Iran, with its second largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world's second largest strategic energy ocean center, has an important place in global energy developments. This paper tries to study the issue of energy diplomacy as one of the strategic necessities of Iran. The hypothesis of the paper emphasizes that the use of energy diplomacy provides the necessary ground for reducing international constraints on Iran. The methodology of this paper is based on the approach of international political economy (interdependence).

Keywords: Energy diplomacy Geopolitics Multilateralism Iran The world

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Abdolreza Alishahi, Hamid Soleimani Souchelmaei. (2020-05-13). "Iran Energy Diplomacy and the International Political Economy System." *Volume 3*, 2, 15-27