Giant Cumulated Condyloma (Tumor of Buschke Lowenstein). Presentation of a Case

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Dr. Juan Francisco Rodriguez Reyes, Dr. Jorge Agustin Satorre Rocha, et al.

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Published: 20 August 2019 | Article Type :


The condylomataacuminataor genital warts are produced by the human papiloma virus. Infection typically occurs when host basal cells are exposed to viral infection through a damaged epitelial barrier, such as during sexual inter course or as a product of other minor skin abrasions. In few occasions they can evolve with a marked growth and cause the well-known Buschke-Löwenste in síndrome or Giant Condiloma Acuminado. We present a patient with Giant Condyloma Accumulated in the inguinal and anal regions that was surgically treated with exeresis of the inguinal lesions and electro fulguration of the annals with satisfactory evolution, without tumor recurrence at three months.

Keywords: Giant Condiloma Accuminado. Warty carcinoma.

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