Problem of Hips. Children - Dysplasia. Adults - "Imperfect Hips" and Arthrosis. Methods of Prophylaxis and Therapy in Every Age

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Karski Tomasz, Karski Jacek

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Published: 22 February 2019 | Article Type :


The hip joint is a specially important in human body because of anatomical and functional specific properties. Proper hip joint need perfect anatomical building, sufficient deep acetabulum, proper roof with proper Hilgenreiner’s angle and full range of movements in six directions. These rules are important for every day of activity of everybody in every age of life. Dysplasia of the hips is mostly observed in cases with “Syndrome of Contracture” (SofC) according to Prof. Hans Mau (originally in German “Siebenersyndrom” – in English - “Syndrome of seven Contractures”). From 2006 we speak in Lublin about eighths deformities in SofC, its mean, about varus deformity of shanks (T. Karski) and we speak about “Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities” (SofCD).

The dysplasia is connected with SofCD in 90% of cases, and mostly is in left hip. It happened because the fetus is placed on the left side of mother’s uterus in 90% or 95 % of cases and undergo of mechanical influenced - pressure on their left side. Other 10 % of hip dysplasia is connected with “general laxity of joints”. Every case of hips dysplasia in children should be entire / total / complete cured, what will be important for whole life of everybody. When is not cured enough, in next years of life can occur arthrosis in the left hip joint.

The pain problem of right hip is connected is with habit of “Standing ‘at ease’ on the Right Leg” (the new syndrome – T. Karski, 1997).
In both group of hip problems the prophylaxis is simply and easy. In problem of left hip – it is important the fully treatment of dysplasia in children. In problem of right hip joint - we should avoid standing on the right leg and care for full movement of this hip joint.

The procedure of prophylaxis of “imperfect hips” - painfully degenerative hips - is relative easy and not complicated for everybody, but must be introduced in early period of life, in age of 40 – 50. The article present with details the methods of therapy and prophylaxis in every age of the patients, for children, for youth and for adults.

Keywords: Dysplasia of hips. Arthrosis of hips. Therapy. Prevention.

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