Deep Lipoma of the Right Hand. Case Presentation

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Dr. MsC. Pavel Sanchez Puentes, Dr. Olga Caridad Leon Gonzalez, et al.

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Published: 2 August 2018 | Article Type :


Benign tumors derived from adipose tissue are probably the most common in the clinic. The most common of these is the subcutaneous lipoma, which practically does not cause any type of functional disorder or diagnostic problem. However, there are other types of lipomas of subfascial localization (deep lipomas), much less frequent, which can be symptomatic and, above all, can raise serious doubts in their diagnosis.

Lipomas account for 16% of soft tissue tumors that originate in the hand. They have a particular clinical presentation due to the anatomical and functional complexity of the area. We present a case, attended in our service, male of 35 years of age with tumor on the level of the tenar region of the right hand that extended towards the first interdigital space for his palmar and dorsal face, of approximately one year of evolution, with slight difficulty for the digital clamp, although its main concern was cosmetics. Imaging and anatomopathological preoperative studies were performed, the surgical treatment was the excision of the tumor and the definitive diagnosis was made by biopsy of the surgical piece.

Keywords: Lipoma, Soft Tissue Tumor, Hand Surgery.

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Dr. MsC. Pavel Sanchez Puentes, Dr. Olga Caridad Leon Gonzalez, et al.. (2018-08-02). "Deep Lipoma of the Right Hand. Case Presentation." *Volume 1*, 2, 17-20