Medicine and Medical Sciences: Is there a Need for New Directions?

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Mark I.M. Noble

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Published: 1 June 2018 | Article Type :


A review of recent developments revealed some important gaps in our knowledge of medicine and medical science, leading to recommendations for new directions in these subjects. Research in electrophysiology of living cells needs to focus on the electrical charge changes and electron movements. In endothelial research, measurement of changes in trans-membrane electrical potential should be measured during increases in arterial wall stress and the effect on this voltage of endothelium dependent vasodilation and nitric oxide studied. Study is recommended of the possibility of like electrical charge repulsion as a mechanism of protection of the endothelium by the endothelium-glycocalyx complex. In muscle research, study of electromagnetic forces is recommended. In clinical practice greater care is needed in the diagnosis of true hypertension and low salt diets should be abandoned for people with normal kidney function. In coronary disease, more attention should be paid to the shear stress induced activation of platelets at stenoses, and trials of blockade of this with 5HT2A antagonists. Anti-thrombotic drugs should be administered as mg/Kg and dose titrated to each individual patient.

Keywords: electrons, electromagnetic forces, endothelial electrophysiology, hypertension, salt, 5HT2A receptor antagonism.

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