Rare Cases of Radicular Dens Invaginatus in Posterior Permanent Teeth

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Sergey Kabak, Yuliya Melnichenko, Nina Savrasova

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Published: 23 June 2020 | Article Type :


Dens invaginatus is the result of the defective tooth formation. Two forms of dens invaginatus, coronal and radicular, are recognized. Two rare cases of radicular dens invaginatus in mandibular third and maxillary second molars are presented.

The first case of impacted mandibular third molar with enamel-lined radicular dens invaginatus is an incidental finding on cone beam computed tomography scans. In contrast, the second case of cementum-lined radicular dens invaginatus in second upper molar is diagnosed by clinical signs and radiological characteristics of periapical lesion.

Presence of dens invaginatus can cause periapical lesions without tooth crown defects. The use of cone beam computed tomography can provide better understanding of varied root canal morphology of such teeth.

Keywords: Cone beam computed tomography; Dens Invaginatus; Molar.

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Sergey Kabak, Yuliya Melnichenko, Nina Savrasova. (2020-06-23). "Rare Cases of Radicular Dens Invaginatus in Posterior Permanent Teeth." *Volume 3*, 1, 18-21