Stigma is a Negative Marking of Mental Patients

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Siniša Franjić

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Published: 12 March 2024 | Article Type : Research Article


Stigma means a negative marking of a person just because they have a diagnosis of a mental illness, and most often it refers to schizophrenia. It is associated with prejudices, i.e. negative attitudes that are based on the wrong facts that schizophrenia cannot be treated. Stigma is caused by a combination of ignorance and fear, which is the basis for the creation of entrenched myths and prejudices. Looking historically, schizophrenia as a disease has remained for the public one of the few medical areas whose mention is associated with feelings of discomfort, fear, prejudice and avoidance behavior.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to say a few words about stigma and stigmatization, and at the same time to note that some people are stigmatized for no particular reason.

Methods: The desk method was used in this paper.

Results: When someone is stigmatized, he is also discriminated.

Conclusion: The combination of severe mental illness, discrimination and stigmatization can be devastating for the mentally ill and has historically played a large role in isolating them emotionally and socially from other people and deepening their suffering.

Keywords: Stigma, Discrimination, Illness, Coercion, Health.

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