Low Level Laser Treatment for Patterned Hair Loss: A Systematic Review

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Omeed Memar, Benjamin Caughlin, Hamid Djalilian

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Published: 12 December 2018 | Article Type :


Low level laser therapy (LLLT) uses a monochromatic and coherent beam in the red or near infrared wavelength. We asked whether the literature supports the effectiveness of LLLT for androgenic and female patter hair loss? The logic behind the use of LLLT comes from observation of paradoxical hypertrichosis while attempting laser hair removal, especially in skin of color. The mechanism of this is unknown. Weconducted a systematic review of the literature on the topic of LLLT and phototherapy for hairgrowth. The overwhelming results show that light in the red spectrum is effective in hair growth, but larger case-controlled studies are required to back up this conclusion.

Keywords: Low level laser treatment, male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, paradoxical hypertrichosis, photobiomodulation, alopecia, LLLT, cold laser.

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Omeed Memar, Benjamin Caughlin, Hamid Djalilian. (2018-12-12). "Low Level Laser Treatment for Patterned Hair Loss: A Systematic Review." *Volume 1*, 2, 20-24