Photodynamic Therapy: Role in Dentistry (A Brief Review)

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Suharika Aavula, Harveen Singh Kalra

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Published: 21 December 2020 | Article Type :


Bacteria form a biofilm that is the safest habitat for them. Pathogenic bacteria are the main etiological factor responsible for the failure of various treatments. Quorum sensing helps bacteria to communicate with each other and coordinates with their activity. Mechanical debridement with antimicrobial therapy is usually a conventional mode of periodontitis patients. Another effective tool is Photodynamic therapy for localized and superficial infections. This article summarizes the history, general principles, applications, indications, mechanism, and adverse effects of photodynamic therapy in various fields of dentistry.

Keywords: Biofilm, Antimicrobial therapy, Periodontitis, Photodynamic therapy.

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Suharika Aavula, Harveen Singh Kalra. (2020-12-21). "Photodynamic Therapy: Role in Dentistry (A Brief Review)." *Volume 3*, 2, 10-14